come tour Privately Owned/Public Open Spaces in San Francisco

I took a walk through some of SF’s Privately Owned/Publicly Open Spaces in February. Since I’ve been taking a ton of photos lately (thanks to Instagram), I thought it’d be fun to re-explore some of these spots… come join me.

We’ll be starting the walk at 10am tomorrow morning (December 31st) at the Blue Bottle cafe in Mint Plaza. If you have a printer and would like to print up a copy of the POPOS map, then please do. It never hurts to have a few extras around. BTW, I won’t be leading the walk, we’ll pick our destinations as a group, so if you have any particular spots you’d like to see, please speak up and we’ll plan around them. The walk will probably happen for around 3 hours.

Privately Owned/Public Open Spaces

If you get started late, email me to find out how to join the group. If you don’t have Instagram, but would like to follow my phtos, you can see them as I post them here.

Privately Owned/Public Open Spaces



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