December drink-up at Benders

People!!! This is a really fun evening. We just need a name for it. "@docpop's drink-up" just sounds lame.

November’s drink up was a ton of fun, so let’s do it again! The next together at Bender’s Bar And Grill on Monday. For those who haven’t made it to one of these get togethers (which we still need to find a good name for), I hope you can make it out to one sometime. my personal goal is to meet and hang out with several folks that I may have had interactions with on Twitter/Instagram/Reader/ but may not have actually met in real lifehole. If you happen to be shy type, don’t worry, just find me and I’ll introduce you to some of the other cool folks. If it’s anything like November’s meet up, there will probably be a table of artists jamming, another table of musicians and scientists exchanging ideas, and another table of folks just chatting about food and drinks.

Oh and Monday night is sushi night at Benders! So get there early if you want some fantastic food and drinks for cheap! Hope to see you there.

Bender’s Bar and Grill, 806 South Van Ness, San Francisco, CA.

6:30 till about 9. I suggest getting there by 7 if you want to buy some sushi though.






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