Far/Near music video


I wanted to make Far/Near an exercise in minimalism. The vocals were recorded by singing into the iPhone mic, then recording that sound from the iPhone’s tiny speaker. The music was done with a simple music app called SynthPond. So I wanted to make a simple video to reflect that. I used a Digital Hiranezumi to capture the video, then edited it in iMovie. It’s basically me singing in the rain with footage of my evening commute superimposed over it.

Digital Harinezumi

Get the whole albumhole from BeepsAndSmudges.com






4 responses to “Far/Near music video

  1. Peepholecircus Avatar

    very nice.

  2. […] chip. I got one of the first generation Zumi’s from Photojojo a year back. Though I thought shooting video in low light was fun, I didn’t really dig the still shots until I started processing them. All shots below were […]

  3. Norcalbarney Avatar

    Cool, Man!  How’d you get the overlays in the video?  Just really long transitions in iMovie?

  4. DocPop Avatar

    I can’t recall. It wasn’t just transitions. I know there was some system for
    dragging one clip on top of another clip. Once I had that working, I just
    lowered the opacity. I’m using iMovie ’09, version 8.0.6.

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