Help remix Beeps and Smudges for my next E.P.

Hi to all! My album Beeps and Smudges is finished and I’ll soon be working on a follow up album, but before I start that next project, I’d like to release a remix and covers album, but I need your help!

I’d like you to pick a song on Beeps and Smudges and remix or cover it for my remix e.p. I’ve posted my vocal stems here and you can also get all of my Nanoloop for iPhone files here. Any software can be used, so there are no “iPhone app only” restrictions or anything.

So if you are interested in remixing or covering a song, the deadline is January 10th. I’m aiming for 10 tracks, so I can’t guarantee all remixes will be used, but I’m sure most probably will. I’m not sure yet, but this may end getting printed as a cd. If so, I’ll send you a copy of the cd if your song gets used. If no cd, I’ll send you plenty of download codes for you and your fans.

Questions and/or finished tracks can be sent to me here.






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