Lost Horizon Night Market San Francisco

Since moving to San Francisco 5 years ago, I’ve had some amazing experiences, but last Saturday’s “Lost Horizon Night Market” could top them all. The Night Market was made up of about 25 box-trucks that had each been converted into different art projects. Due to the questionably legal nature the event, it was kept as low key as possible until the event actually started (on a low traffic section of road in the Dog Patch).

Insemination Shooting Gallery

Insemination Shooting Gallery

Each truck had a different theme and NOBODY was trying to sell anything. One truck was set up as a shooting range for sperm (learning is fun!), another was set up as an Upside Down Ballpit. At the front of the market was a 40 foot long semi truck that had been turned into a single lane bowling ally! I tried my best to document the event through Instagram and Twitter, and you can see my Flickr set from the night here.

Big Lebowski Movers

As mentioned before, this event tries to keep it’s location in advance, so the only way to catch the next one is to follow @losthorizonsf on the Twitterholes!

At that "super secret boxtruck thing" in the Dig Patch.