So long 2010

This past year has been, for the most part, great! It’s been one of m most productive years ever and also one of my happiest. I’ve finished many projects, gotten my name out there more, and made many new friends.

I don’t think of January 1st as some significant date, but I can only hope the next 365 days are as good as these last 365 have been. Thanks to all you readers, I hope to meet most of you someday. Y’r comments and feedback make this whole blogging thing extremely rewarding. Hope you have a good 2011.

Regarding the picture above, it’s a pre-release of #31 in my daily app experiments, hence the “appy” new year. It was made with Magic Shutter and 8bit app.






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  1. Ottorabbit Avatar

    Thanks for the fun times in 2010!

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