Daily App Experiment #33: ” Text Effect”

Daily App Experiment #33

I’ve been having a blast working on my Daily App Experiment, an ongoing project where I alter images using various iPhone apps and then post them to Instagram. Today’s appsperiment is pretty unique, it’s the first animated gif I’ve created in the series. My friend Xeni has been typing short poems in the Notepad app and sharing them in Instagram. I really dug her “Text Effect” one, so I took it and layered it on top of a self portrait she posted during a recent hike. I had a hard time picking a filter to use, so I decided to try out all 11 of IG’s filters and turn them into an animated gif.

Like the rest of my daily appsperiments, only iPhone apps were used to make the image above. DXP, Motionoto, and of course Instagram. Thanks to Xeni for letting me mess with her images. If you aren’t on IG, you can follow her updates on her instumblrgram.



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