Down Hill

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but I’ve been having difficulty getting it started. Erica and I are breaking up. [Bam, direct approach!]

We’ve been dating for nearly two years and I’ve been really happy living with her, but she’s always been clear about her priorities and being a musician living in our expensive tiny apartment just doesn’t fit into her life right now. For anyone wondering, I’m really not happy about the break up, I had hoped we’d be together for a long time, but these things don’t always go the way we hope. I’m just trying to roll with the punches.

We’ll be moving out of our apartment on Hill St over the weekend. My life is a chaotic mix of boxes, memories, and depression right now. I’m looking forward to being settled into my bed in my new apartment on Sunday night. I’ll be moving in with my friend Robert Boyle in his apartment on 19th and Lexington. Not a bad neighborhood, but I’m going to miss Hill Street and our tiny/overpriced apartment. I feel like I’m moving from a quiet apartment in a great micro-hood with a back porch and an awesome backyard view, to a noisy street facing apartment on a really grimey street. I should try not to be so negative about it, but I just feel like my life has taken 5 steps backward right now in too many ways to count.

I’d really like to take a hiatus from any sort of creative projects for right now and just allow mind to shut off for a bit, but I doubt that will happen. I’ve already started working on my next album and Crashfaster and I are planning an east coast tour in late February. I’m sure things will get better than they feel right now. I’m just not looking forward to that climb back up again.







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  2. Mooflyfoof Avatar

    Hugs to you, friend. I’ve been thinking about you lately.

  3. DocPop Avatar

    Hug accepted.

    Thank you very much, I needed one of those 🙂

  4. Bub Zlet Avatar

    much love to you dr. POP! for keeping it real as always. i remember my last breakup all too well and its never easy. just ride the wave and document well. it’s these moments that hemingway reminds us is what fuels our art. never forget. peace.

  5. matthew bennett Avatar

    I’m sorry to hear about this, even though I’m a mere blog reader. But you’re keeping it “bloggie” by posting it, so your readers know what’s going on in your life.

    “Ain’t it funny how bad times make good music?” – Alias

  6. DocPop Avatar

    It’s funny you mention it, but I’ve always wanted this site to be more personal. It usually just me writing about projects that me or my friends do. I’m glad I finally posted about it and can’t wait to get back to posting things once I’m finished unpacking.

    -Doctor Popular
    Game Designer/Genius

  7. DocPop Avatar

    @mathew also, thanks for posting that Alias line. It’s got me re-listening to old Anticon shit this morning. Did you hear the beats Alias did for B. Dolan’s newest album?

  8. DocPop Avatar

    Thanks for the upbeat words.

  9. allaboutgeorge Avatar

    Big hugs to both of y’all.

  10. DocPop Avatar

    Thanks George.

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