Nicole Aptekar’s photo experiments

While I’m still chugging away at my Daily App Experiment project, I continue to find constant inspiration from my friends and fellow Instagramers. Lately, my friend Nicole has been posting some fantastic mashed-up-images like this one, which was created entirely with iPhone apps:

The sound of my voice, the stroke of my finger.

Aside from in-app alterations, Nicole has also been posting some awesome glitched out art that she creates by altering the images data in a text editor (!!!). She wrote this description of how she created the image below “So I save the image as a psd, open it in a text editor, change all thirteen instances of “me” to “you””:

From me to you, with bunnies

You can see more of Nicole’s appsperiments in this Flickr set. I also highly recommend following her on Instagram, her user name is NicoleTBN. Or you can follow her posts online on her Instumblrgram.


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