“Disconnect” – the great new album by Crashfaster

My friend Crashfaster‘s newest album, Disconnect, is out now! It’s a fantastic blend of chiptunes, vocoder, and depressing-but-dancey-electro-pop. The album even features a frakkin’ awesome cover of “Sweetbread” (off of my album Beeps And Smudges). I suck at album reviews… all I can say is he gave me a listening copy a few weeks ago and I’ve been listening to it nonstop. We’ve all been waiting for Crashy’s debut album to finally get done, and I think the end result is fantastic. Get it here.

In related news, Crashy and I are doing two shows together this month in SF and NYC. If you can’t make it to either of those shows, you can watch Wednesday night’s show livestreaming on the interholes.





3 responses to ““Disconnect” – the great new album by Crashfaster

  1. FFAS Avatar

    Rad. Downloaded.

  2. stfueuan Avatar

    Absolutely incredible.

  3. Alex Avatar

    I like it. I must burn a compilation for my car radio 🙂

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