SF Instawalk, Saturday February 19nd!


I had a blast on our last Instagram photowalk through SF, and from what I heard so did everybody else. It was fun walking around SF snapping photos with friends, but the whole instantly-sharing-photos-with-each-other-and-the-rest-of-the-world-at-the-same-time really made the event sort of surreal. It was fun though, so I’m organizing another one

SF Instawalk; Saturday February 19th at 10:15am. Everybody is welcome to join us. We’ll meet on the dock behind the Ferry Building at 10:15 am and ride the 10:40 ferry to Sausalito together! Between the shots at the historic ferry building, Ferry (which is a fun ride and has booze), passing Alcatraz, and the geographically-beautiful-but-full-of-tacky-tourist-shops city of Sausalito this should be perfect Instagram fodder! If you’ve never ridden the ferry before, it’s a great experience. When we are done, we can stop at a pub in Sausalito before catching our ferry back around 4ish.

BTW, Instagram is having an official drink-up in San Francisco next Tuesday. Read about it here. I’ve posted an Instawalk flier on my flickrhole, and I’m encouraging folks to use it or any image they’d like to help spread the word about our . Hope to see you there.



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6 responses to “SF Instawalk, Saturday February 19nd!

  1. Max Elman Avatar

    Awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it. The Chinese New Year’s parade is later that day.

    For anyone who wants to save a few clicks, here’s a Google Calendar link: https://www.google.com/calendar/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=c2NqZ2ZzZ2l2NGI0NGswZGNsbXFoYmVib2sgbWF4QHJhem9yZnJvZy5jb20&tmsrc=max%40razorfrog.com

  2. Will Chase Avatar

    Imma try and come.

  3. Will Chase Avatar

    Imma try and come!

  4. Will Chase Avatar

    Imma try and come!

  5. DocPop Avatar

    Rock! Thanks for making that.

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