Upcoming shows and new iPhone app music


Lots of music stuff happening for me this month. I’ll be performing in San Francisco this Wednesday at the big EFF 21st birthday party gala! Tickets are still available AND THE SHOW WILL BE STREAMING LIVE! Awesome, right?!


Then I’ll be doing my big NYC debut show at this month’s Pulsewave event on February 26th. I’m so stoked about the line up at both shows, especially happy to be rocking two shows this month with Crashfaster.

Speaking of Crashy, his new album “Disconnect” is out on February 15th! It’s a fantastic album which also happens to feature a cover of my “Sweetbread” song. You can stream the album herehole.

While practicing for this week’s gig, I ended up writing a new instrumental track using Nanoloop and NNN Mono. Check it out below:

As a final bit of news, I hope to have a new remix/covers album out next week featuring many great reworked versions of Beeps and Smudges songs by other artists. I really can’t wait to get this out the door, but I’m too busy practicing to work on it.



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