Upcoming shows

Here’s a quick list of upcoming iPad music and/or yo-yo performances I’ll be doing soon:

Wednesday March 30th– I’ll be yo-yoing at the Make Out Room Wednesday night at Paco Romane’s Comedy Explosion:

Friday April 1st– I’ll be doing a short “iPad acoustic” set, which basically means I’ll be performing my app music live with no microphone (sort of like busking). This will be at Audrey Penven’s “Dancing With Invisible Light” photo exhibit at Pictopia Gallery. Audrey’s work uses a Microsoft Kinect and an IR camera to explore alternate lighting with beautiful subjects. Totally for awesome shit!
Dancing With Invisible Light - postcard front

Thursday April 7th– I’ll be djing between sets at the Anamanaguchi/The Glowing Stars show at the DNA Lounge. This should be an awesome bit-pop-rock show with lots and lots of people. I’m hoping to DJ the entire show just using my iPad!

May 21st – I’ll be doing a 30 minute set on-stage at the Maker Faire in the Bay Area. Super stoked to bring my app music to the masses. More info to come.



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  1. Lizzie Cuevas Avatar

    Yes!!! Maker Faire!

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