Oh, this gold thing?

Another pic of my gold plated Ronin that @SPYYcanada sent me

After a long wait, I finally own a decent gold plated yo-yo. When I say long wait, I’m not referring to the time I spent waiting for the yo-yo to arrive from Canada… nor am I referring to the time between when Steve, from SPYY Yo-Yos, and myself first started talking about gold yo-yos at the World Yo-Yo Contest…

I have been hunting for several years for a gold yo-yo that I would actually carry around with me as my daily throw. This gold plated Ronin isn’t the first gold plated yo-yo in my collection, but it’s certainly the most playable… and possibly the prettiest! Steve only had 4 of these yo-yos plate: “One for Doc, Ed, myself & eBay… Whenever I get around to putting it up for sale.”

Shortly after receiving this beautiful Ronin, I had lunch with my friend Sonny. Who filmed and posted this video of and my golden yo-yo in San Mateo on his new blog, YoYoSkoots.com. I look hella sloppy, but I had fun throwing! 🙂




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