Whoa… Brock Davis!

So a lot of shit gets thrown up onto Tumblr without any of attribution… Buying the grumpy old man that I am, when I find an image I like, I try to track down who the artist was, but when searching for the artist responsible for this great Pitfall piece I was surprised to discover it was Brock Davis.
Pitfall by Brock Davis

The name was familiar at first, but not as a visual artist… It turns out that Brock was the singer/songwriter for the Minneapolis group Work Of Saws. I’m a huge WOS fan, but never knew about Brock’s visual art skills. Check out some of his work:

Boba's Invoice
Threadless design
Tokion by Brock Davis

In 2009 Brock also participated in Make Something Cool Every Day, a prolific period which yielded some amazing art! Scroll through his MSCED section on his blog when you get the chance!:

no fingerboarding by Brock Davis
by Brock Davis
by Brock Davis
by Brock Davisby Brock Davis
by Brock Davis

And of course, here is some of his music with Work Of Saws. Please note, the music on their myspace page is fantastic, but I can’t embed that and there are only a few fan videos on youtube:






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