iPhone photos from this year’s Maker Faire

I had a fantastic time at this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. I spent most of Saturday hanging out and tabling at the Pulsewave SF table, but I was able to snap some shots throughout the event. I’m posting some of my favorite pics below, but you can see (and help tag) the entire flickr set here:

Steam punch!
Maker Faire
Kid Colussus

Rocking the Slit-Scan
Miles in a cupcake
Meet Your Maker Faire
Typewriter scultpure.

My friends at Evil Mad Scientist have also posted a nice folder of Maker Faire images here.



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One response to “iPhone photos from this year’s Maker Faire

  1. Naomi Thompson Avatar

    yeah, glad you had a good time there… you’re trying to make it live on by wearing the bracelet 😉 (you’re adorable)

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