Thank you Dorkbot!

I had a great time at last night’s Dorkbot in San Francisco. The presentations were interesting and the grilled cheese made an excellent dessert. Last night was also the first time I had given a “Power Pointesque” presentation before, which focused on my iPhone photography and my Daily App Experiment project. Keeping with the theme, I choose to use the Keynote app on my iPad. Assembling the presentation was fun, anytime I needed a screenshot I’d just close Keynote, open another app, take a screenshot, then open Keynote again. The best part was that the VGA plugin worked great from my iPad. So I was able to write and demo the whole thing straight off my iPad (the first model) and it just worked. Doing the talk was super fun because I love sharing my projects with other folks. For anyone interested, I’ve posted my slides to iWork but they may not make much sense on their own. Karen from Dorkbot has also posted pics of the event and I’ll post a video if one appears.

doc pop

During the sound-check at GAFFTA I decided to do create a new appsperiment while I was waiting and end my presentation with it. I used a pic of my friend Eddie and ran it through Percolator and Toonpaint, then merged the images in DXP and adjust the colors in Camera+. Here is the result:

Daily App Experiment #168: "Orientation"

On a final note, I’ve been wanting to get to around to doing talks, and I really appreciate the folks at Dorkbot SF and all my friends who came out for the support. Not that I’ve done this one, I’m totally hooked! I’m already cooking up talks on iPhone music, iPhone photography tips, yo-yoing, and other stuff. Maybe I’ll try to do something at a Five Minutes Of Fame soon and hopefully I can find some other cool crowds to talk to about the things that interest me. If anyone is interested in any of these talks, please contact me 🙂


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  1. Naomi Thompson Avatar

    your talk at dorkbot rocked, you were a total natural on stage… so proud of you <3

  2. DocPop Avatar

    Thanks babe!

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