The Open Spark Project

My friend (and Tribal Games coworker) Steven Clark recently submitted a piece to the Open Spark project. Open Spark has created giant Tesla audio amplifies, similar to the ones ArkAttack use at Maker Faire, and given composers the chance to submit their own music to be “performed” live on Ustream. Here is a direct link to Steven’s composition.

The entire Open Spark concert has been posted online, including this “shocking” version of “Reformat the Planet” by BitShifter!

On a similar note (hehe), I was lucky enough to spend some time playing music through Charlie Gadeken and Ray Sykes’s “Asperion” at Maker Faire. Asperion is a gorgeous musical Tesla coil with a very different sound than ArkAttack’s. I plugged my GBA in and created some Nanoloop tracks specifically for this cool sounding device. The sound range seemed very restrictive. When we dialed in the sound I was sometimes surprised when a note, just 2 or 3 steps higher than my currently highest note, would not play. It was really fun to have direct control over the Tesla music and hopefully I didn’t annoy the other makers too much during my jam session.

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