Free Remix Tuesday

Wanted to share a few free remix albums for your earholes:

For a very limited time, Mush records is giving away Busdriver’s “Avantcore” remix e.p., featuring Prefuse73 and D-Styles. Avantcore was the second single off of Driver’s 2005 album, Fear of a Black Tangent. Peep the video above. The download link is on the right hand column of the front page (for a limited time though).

My friend Bomarr recently released a compilation of some of his favorite remix work. “Remixes, Vol. 1” includes remixes of Pedestrian, Cars and Trains, and even one of my songholes! Download the album for free here and check out Bomarr’s ongoing music blog for great musical tips.

#freeremixtuesday is totally a thing, right? “Freemix Tuesday”?






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