Objective Scenes, a new iPhone photography blog

Many of you may have noticed I’ve become totally hooked on iPhone photography lately. What started as a way to document yo-yo contests, special events, and neighborhood graffiti has spiraled out of control… I am obsessed with iPhone photography.

I like taking pictures and I like seeing the work my friends are posting on the Instagramhole. So I finally decided to take it even further by starting a blog dedicated to mobile photography.

Objective Scenes is a group photoblog that is just launching today. I’ll be posting some of my best iPhone pics along with my friends Troy, Tyson, and Victoria and (hopefully) user submissions too. This is my first group blog and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow and grow and grow. Please check it out and spread the word to any mobile photography nuts you may know.

I’d like to give a really big shout out to my friend Dave Poyzer for his excellent work designing the site!!!