Banned By Google Meetup tonight in SF

It’s nearly been two weeks since I was originally banned on Google+ (and other Google services). I am still banned (though my account was approved then SUSPENDED again the next day) and the last email I received from Google Support informs me that I have lost my appeal (to the same case that I was informed I had previously been accepted). I’m collecting my thoughts and learning more about this whole shitstorm, and I’m hoping to start writing about it in more depth if I have the time this weekend.

For now I want to reach out to other folks that have also been banned by Google because of their identity. Last week we had a small get together with banned G+ users and got to compare notes on our various experiences. I think we all got a lot out of the conversation so we wanted to do it again. We will be meeting tonight at 7:30pm in San Francisco’s Mission District. If you have gone through the experience of having your G+ (or any other Google services) suspended because of your identity and you would like to join us, please contact me for the location.

If you can’t make it to our SF meet up tonight, but you have been affected by Google because of your name, please fill out this survey that Skud is collecting. You can also check out the My Name Is Me project.