“Hey Google! Stop Being A Jerk” by Jonathan Mann


966 days into his Song-A-Day project and Jonathan Mann is still writing catchy little gems! “Hey Google! Stop Being A Jerk” is Mann’s take on Google’s mass suspensions of accounts based on how real the users name sounds. This “real sounding” name policy, or #nymwars, has been a steady source of controversy for the past month. Violet Blue, who broke the original story on zDnet 4 weeks ago, even had her account flagged for suspension just a few days ago.

Sadly, Google seems to have dug their heels in on this particular issue, but maybe things will change once the Google Support team gets this catchy little earworm stuck in their heads.

Google and I just celebrated our 4 week banniversary! You can read my personal account of being banned by Google+ here. I’m not violating any of Google’s TOS and I’m still waiting for them to fix my account.

And finally, here’s a great G+ themed parody of “Little Boxes” by Fourworlds:







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