Is G+ actively blocking suspended users from viewing public sites?

This whole Google+ saga keeps getting weirder and weirder. 3 weeks ago, somebody at Google made a mistake and suspended my account because they thought the name I was using was different than the name I go by on a day to day basis. Despite helping them out and showing proof of my identity, my “appeal” was denied and I lost access to several of my favorite Google services.

That was pretty lame, but now it appears that Google is actively blocking suspended users like myself from being able to view the site at all… even totally public photo albums, profiles, or posts! So if in the past I wanted to go to this public post by John Hardy, I would have seen this:

What you see when you look at a public Google+ profile

I now see this:

What I see when I look at a public Google+ profile

When my friend Xeni shares a public post, this is what I see:

What I see when I visit a public G+ page

Or if Natalie Villalobos shared an update on a new Google+ name policy, it shows up like this:

What I see when I visit a public G+ page

Note, this problem only persists as long as I’m signed into Google services (like Gmail), so I have to log out of my still functioning Google services in order to access any information shared on G+. It’s possible they forgot to add the “close” button on these pop ups, or maybe there is a bug, but I’ve learned that fixing mistakes like this is not something Google is good at.

When this whole identity thing started 3 weeks ago I thought “No big deal, they just made a error. I’m sure they’ll fix it.”, but after weeks of seeking help from Google Support via email or their web forums, I still haven’t gotten any help. As Google Profiles, the center piece of this whole Google blunder, gets integrated more and more into Google’s model, I’m worried about what other services I’ll be blocked from in the future.