New York Times, SF Weekly, and Apple Store talk

So many cool things!

The New York Times recently published an article on my mobile phone photography! Holy crap, right?! The article was scheduled to run on the front page of tomorrow’s biz section, but Mr. Steve Jobs had to be a major dorkhole and resign from Apple… The selfish jerk 🙂 The web article also features a killer multimedia breakdown of how I created 3 of my Appsperiments (may not work on mobile).

The SF Weekly (pronounced “sssfweaklee”) have posted the nominees for their 2011 Web Awards. I was listed as a nominee for “Best Instagram Account”. So that’s pretty awesome, but “Sexiest Geek” would have been cool too. Lots of great people and businesses listed in all the categories this year, please take a minute to check it out if you live in SF.

I’ll be appearing on Steve Garfield’s web-show tomorrow to talk about my work with Postagram as a community manager as well as iPhone photography in general. The show will stream live at 11am Pacific time (2pm Eastern) on The Pulse Network or you can watch the recorded version later on

Also an early note that I’ll be doing my talk on experimental iPhone photography at the Apple Store in Downtown San Francisco on Thursday September 1st. If you liked the sort of weird stuff I was doing in the NYTimes article, be sure to check this out. Also, I’d bet you a million dollars that we’ll be doing an after-party in the Sincerely Offices! AFTERPARTY!!!


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