SF Weekly Web Award for Best Instagramhole


I recently won this nifty award for “Best Instagram Account” at the SF Weekly Web Awards… because nothing says “web” like a floppy disk. Since I carry all my awards around with me everywhere (yes, both of them), I thought it would be fun to photograph my Web Award around different parts of the city and put them together for the above image.

This was also the first awards thing I had ever been to, but my date and I were stoked to get all dressed up. Matt from Sincerely even hooked me up with some Uber Cab credits, so we could roll through SF in style!



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2 responses to “SF Weekly Web Award for Best Instagramhole

  1. funky49 - steve rush Avatar

    It looks like the floppy disk is in an Ikea mirror frame http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90075741

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