Pop-up workshops, dance parties, and portraiture studio in the Apple 4S line!


I’ve always wanted to wait in line for an iPhone… okay, that’s not true at all, but shortly after hearing about Steve Jobs’ death last week, I headed down to our nearby Apple store and actually found the experience pretty moving. The iPhone has changed so many things in my life; my art, personal communication, and even my career have all been tied into this pocket camera-puter-maphone.

I’ve never camped out in a line before, so I wanted to try it once for the experience, especially since I know my friend Reed will be joining me… but I wanted to take the experience one extra step and try to add something back to the experience. So here’s what I’m thinking; dance parties, iPhone photography, workshops, free coffee, and all night portraiture sessions. I’ll have some light gear with me, a backdrop, and some music gear. If you’d like to camp out with our small group, be at the Apple Store at 10pm tonight 10/13. Sharp!

Doc’s list of workshops and events (subject to change):

10pm – get in line

11pm – iPad dance party!

1am – I dunno… sleep probably

5am – iPhone portraiture. I’ll be taking photos and sending them out as Postagrams

6-7am – Coffee arrives? (I’ll try to have enough to share)

6:30 – Interlacer workshop (featuring Jeremy Brooks, the app’s creator!)

7am – Decim8 workshop

7:30 – Hipstamatic workshop

8am – I’m-a get mah phone!!!!

Have any questions or want to help participate? Contact me here.

editors note: previously titled this post Occupy Stockton Street, but apparently I wasn’t charming and/or tongue-in-cheek enough to pull that joke off. Probably should have used an emoticon 😉







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