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I bumped into my friend (and fellow Objective Scenes photographer) Troy yesterday while he was walking his dog, Jpeg. Of course things quickly turned into a series of street portraits… because Jpeg is such an adorably photogenic doggy 🙂

"Doc" by Troy Holden
"Doc" by Troy Holden

Daily App Experiment #312 "Jpizzle"

The black and white photos were both shot by Troy Holden, using Hipstamatic on his iPhone.  The two color photos were taken by me, using an iPhone and a combo of apps. The photo with all of the circles was part of my “appsperiment” series.

"Doc & Jpeg" by Troy Holden
"Doc & Jpeg" by Troy Holden




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  1. doc Avatar

    Fact: it is impossible to frown when hanging out with Jpeg.

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