Journey Into Analog 01

I bought my Diana (by Lomography) in December from Photobooth SF (where I also got this tintype portrait). I figured learning more about analog photography could be a great way to help me improve aspects of my digital photography. I shot my first four rolls of film using the “pinhole” exposure… meaning not a single shot came out. I guess it’s learning lessons the hard way is part of the experience, but after a lot of practice and experimenting I’m glad to finally have a few shots worth sharing! See the full flickr set here.

BTW, these are scans from the negatives, with light post processing added (but no filters or effects obviously).

Lomo prints

Lomo prints






4 responses to “Journey Into Analog 01

  1. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    Loving those light leaks!

  2. DocPop Avatar

    actually, the foggy one MAY have been cause by accidentally popping my ring flash while out in the fog… which is kind of cool too.

  3. Photobooth Vince Avatar
    Photobooth Vince

    Doc, you’re doing cool stuff with that ringflash.  

  4. […] been a month since I posted my first experiments in the world of film and I wanted to follow up with some newer pictures. I’m starting to get the hang of my Diana […]

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