New/Free music from Kid Koala

Update 1/10/12: Eric just posted a bunch more stuff… rather than creating a new post I’ll just put it here:

Just noticed that Eric San, aka Kid Koala, has just posted a ton of obscure tracks on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I’m not positive, but I’m guessing his “MusicLibrary” cuts are intended to serve as bumpers for Adult Swim shows:

Music Library by Kid Koala

His Get Up and Get Down Vol 1 (Cardio Cuts) is a live mixtape recording. The audio isn’t that great, but the mix is pretty solid. I’m particularly happy to hear him sampling Push Button Objects, a rare early cut from Eyedea and Abilities. The beat comes in at 1:56. BTW, if anyone happens to have a decent digital recording of this “Push Button Objects” or the instrumental, please get in touch!

BTW, you’ve heard Kid’s band project, The Slew, right? If not, you can still grab their debut album for free here.







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