Journey Into Analog 04: Redscale XR

Further exploring the world of film, I’m really happy to share these beauties. I shot these on an Adox camera (recently acquired for $10 bucks on Valencia St) and my first roll of Lomography’s Redscale XR 35mm film. These pics developed at Photoworks SF with minor editing on my iPhone. These are the first 35mm (and first non-Lomo) pics I’ve posted so far. Aren’t those colors just insane?!

Lomo Redscale XR 35mm
Frank Chu
Lomography Redscale XR 35mm film
Lomography Redscale XR 35mm film







3 responses to “Journey Into Analog 04: Redscale XR

  1. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    That union square shot is insane!

  2. Brandon Doran Avatar
    Brandon Doran

    Great stuff Doc!  Love the colors.

  3. Troy Holden Avatar

    Really digging the feel of #1 & #3 here. It’s great to see you playing around with different POVs in these early shots.

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