Journey Into Analog 8: Lomo’s Diana lens on an SLR

Though the price of film hasn’t dropped, you can get film cameras for practically nothing if you look around a bit. I recently scored a fantastic Canon Rebel EOS SII for 80 bucks last week on Craigslist… the lens was probably worth more than the camera was.

Of course the first thing I did with this beautiful SLR camera was toss my Diana F+ lens on it and shot this roll. It’s certainly takes a lot more patience trying to get the focus right than it would with the Canon’s built in autofocus, but I’m damn excited about the end result. The plastic lens gives a great “dreamy” look to everything. If you are thinking about getting a Lomography lens adapter (or Holga adapter), I should warn you that the end results are not what you might expect. This article sums up how these lenses basically become telephotos… Making close ups a bit difficult. More of my Adventures in Analog here.

Lomo on an SLR

Lomo on an SLR

Lomo on an SLR

Lomo on an SLR



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  • Jeremy Brooks

    Good stuff, Doc. I really like the feel here. The last one with the cyclist and the person standing against the wall especially.

  • Thanks so much for the feedback… especially for taking the time to comment on each of these posts too. You, Troy, Travis, and Brandon have been so helpful!

  • justin weber


  • Taranoia

    Love how the photos came out! Can definitely see a hint of Diana in these shots 😉