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Journey Into Analog 9: Ricoh TF-500

Found this great Ricoh camera at a yardsale last week and I’m totally loving it. It’s a TF-500, and it really doesn’t look like much. When most folks see me with it, they don’t even bat an eye. I dig it’s wide lens, but found the telephoto feature to be really fun to play with too. Here’s my first roll with this camera, using Lomo’s 400 color negative film. Btw, if anyone has a Ricoh GR film camera for sale or trade, let me know 🙂

Ricoh camera

Ricoh camera

Ricoh camera

Ricoh camera







3 responses to “Journey Into Analog 9: Ricoh TF-500

  1. Troy Holden Avatar

    Ricoh makes some solid point-and-shoot cameras. 

    I’ve been using the GRD3 for almost a year now. It’s got a great feature called Full Press Snap that allows you to preset the focal length/range, in effect bypassing the half-press shutter release.

    Looking forward to seeing more shots, Doc!

  2. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    That combo works well. I have to say, I would not have looked twice at that camera. Good find.

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