Mail art from Gaelan Kelly

I get a lot of random shit in my mailbox. Mostly Postagram pics from friends, mixed in with the occasional threat of legal action, or free yo-yo string, but last week I got this amazing envelope stuffed with art from Gaelan Kelly. The envelope contained a bunch of original art, a print out “Leiningen Versus the Ants“, and this note:

Mail art from Gaelan

I’m so honored that Gaelan has sent me so much cool shit and I can’t figure out how to thank him. Any ideas? I’m thinking about randomly distributing his art out into the world somehow.

Btw, my address is:


3434 19th st

SF CA 94110








One response to “Mail art from Gaelan Kelly

  1. candice Avatar

    I like the random distribute into the world idea. Kind of reminds me of old school chain mail… which was so cool it was illegal.

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