For your earholes

Looking for some musical suggestions? Here’s some shit I’ve been listening to lately. Leave your music tips in the comments.

Dream Tiger: Liz Wolf’s (from Why?) new project is named after a Mighty Boosh reference and is working on a full album of Janet Jackson covers! debut album of original songs. (via Bomarr):

Hungry Cloud Darkening: From the midwest, but playing in SF this Sunday. Reminiscent of Saturday Looks Good To Me. “Our Fog” is a favorite track so far. Also best heard with headphones.

Astronautilis: I first heard of Astronautilus when watching this trailer for his upcoming documentary. Was impressed enough to purchase (and enjoy) his newest album (Amazon). For fans of Sage Francis, Murder City Devils, B. Dolan, and Will Oldham… I know that’s a pretty random ass list of bands, but there you go.

Son Lux remixed: A great compilation of Son Lux songs remixed by Baths, Alias, and others. Proceeds go towards VSA and Accessibility.

Isaiah Toothtaker: dark hip hop. This violent ass kind of rap is not normally my thing, but ever since I heard his verse from the GoingBackToCali-esque “Hyperbolic Chamber Music” track I’ve been liking him more and more. Worth noting; Isaiah’s “cover” of the memed-out internet classic “Bed Intruder” song features samples of the North Carolina A&T marching band’s cover of the internet hit. Here’s a link to the “Intruder” video, but I warn you, it’s disturbing as shit!

Squarepusher: Yeah, so this guy has a new album out today too.







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