Journey Into Analog 14: Ruined and Abused

Into the flames

Sometimes you fuck up. Your film is too old, shots too exposed, or maybe you even opened your camera halfway through a roll of film. With this batch of film, I pretty much did all of these things… but I’m glad I decided to process it anyways. The shot above, of my friend Isaac Fitzgerald, was the victim of this opened roll, luckily the film was partially retracted into the canister, so only part of the film got exposed to light, leaving the appearance of Isaac running into the sun.

A view to a kill
The paper in the shot above says “A View To A Kill”… I waited by this news bin waiting for someone to grab a copy and was so happy to finally capture this shot where (in theory) you could see this bold headline… the exposure in this case was not as forgiving as with Isaac’s.
Don't blink
In the burnt out skeleton of this apartment building on Mission Street, you can spot this statue through the window on the second floor.






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