Custom made jeans from Blue J Denim

Custom jeans from Steve.

My buddy Steve Buffel, from Spyy Yo-Yos, has been quietly perfecting the art of making his own jeans… which is no easy task at all! Even during my 4 years working as a specialized denim tailor for Self Edge, I never tried making my own pair of jeans from scratch. A few months ago, Steve mentioned he was getting happy with his jeans and was wondering if he could make a pair for me. I had no idea that what I’d be receiving would be such a highly polished product! These jeans fit fantastically and look like they where made in a factory. Loving the Blue J logo on the back leather too. The closer I examine these jeans, the more I appreciate Steve’s eye to detail. Kudos, dude!

I asked Steve what his next plans are and he replied:

I don’t have any plans to do denim beyond a hobby. There’s plenty of brands and experts on the scene, so I’m happy to simply watch, admire and learn. I’m in the process of creating different sizes (I design everything in Solidworks), so that’ll keep me busy for a while.

Custom jeans from Steve.

Custom jeans from Steve.

Thanks to Martin Tapalla for taking the above photos. They were taken straight out of the box, before I had the jeans hemmed. Hope to get some more photos from Martin after the jeans have worn in a bit.






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    SPYY Steve

    They fit!

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