More N8000 gifs

by William Wilkinson

Last week I posted my first collection of wiggle stereoscopic gifs from a Nishika N8000. Y’all seemed to dig them, so I thought I’d do a little collection of other folks gifs I’ve found through the web. Most of these are from the N8000 flickr group but a few, like the image above, are from William Wilkinson’s tumblr.

by EddFirmGifs


Lovely Nesh by RAYA RAYAX


by William Wilkinson

by William Wilkinson

by William Wilkinson


by Quornflakes

Couple notes: Will Wilkinson’s photos are actually shot on the N9000, the N8000’s sister camera (with a flash). I wanted to post more Flickr photos, but for some reason N8000 users have really restrictive copyrights on their gifs. Had a hard time finding Creative Commons N8000 shots, which really blows me away. And of course Tumblr users have basically no listings as to Copyright or CC… so if I’m sharing any Tumblr photos against the creator’s will, please let me know and I’ll remove them.



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