Minolta 110 slr

The Tiniest of the SLRs: Minolta’s 110 Zoom Mark II

110 film has always been a novelty. Sure it’s easy to load and fits in tiny cameras, but the films size could never compare with the shots you’d get on 35mm or standard. So while you’d expect to see plenty of 110 children’s cameras on eBay, you’d be surprised to find a couple SLRs out there too. Like Minolta’s 110 Zoom SLR Mark II. A fully functional SLR camera, with nice optics and features, but at a ridiculously small size.

In 2009, the last of the 110 manufacturers stopped producing this size film, making many of these old cameras useless, but now that Lomography has started producing this film again, it’s a great time to score a 110 camera for cheap. I’ll post some of my 110 shots here as soon as I get them, but I’m excited to see how Lomo’s Orca B&W film turns out, and to get a roll of their newly announced color 110 too. See a great list of 110 cameras on SubClub.org.

110 SLR