American Analog: 110 on Mid-Market

110 Midmarket

This is my first batch of black and white 11o film. It’s Lomography’s “Orca” film used in my nifty little 110 Zoom SLR. I was expecting a higher resolution look to the black and white images, over my previous color 110 film, but these guys don’t seem too much clearer. I guess you shouldn’t expect much when shooting with 110, but the raw graininess is kind of cool for downtown SF, right?

110 Midmarket

110 Midmarket

110 Midmarket


2 responses to “American Analog: 110 on Mid-Market

  1. Troy Holden Avatar

    Really dig the first frame. Is that dude catching a throwie in the the bottom frame?

  2. DocPop Avatar

    Yep, some shabby looking bum with cans of red and silver paint. Shot from across the street, though I tried getting closer. He was too quick.

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