San Francisco Pop-up Library

Pop up library on Market St.

Folks walking down Market Street in SF today may have noticed a slew of pop-up shops and art projects near 6th street as part of the… well, I honestly couldn’t tell, but there were some cool ones out there. The niftiest of these pop-ups was the SFPL‘s make-shift library, which made use of some of the abandoned news bins that line the streets of downtown SF. Looks like there’s more info at

Y’all know I like news-bin related projects, right? Like this and this.

Pop up library on Market St.

Pop up library on Market St.







3 responses to “San Francisco Pop-up Library

  1. Leef Smith Avatar

    It was all part of SQFT –

  2. doc Avatar

    Thanks for the link. I didn’t see much explanation of the booths on Market St, but I did find a flier with scribbled on it somewhere. Went to the site, as well as SFPL’s site and social page, but couldn’t figure out what the event was. Do you know if this is an ongoing thingy?

  3. […] artifact as print has moved online.  Once a day is too slow for the contemporary news cycle, so newspaper stands have been converted into pop up libraries by the San Francisco Public […]

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