Yard Sale! Come buy my stuff!

Yard Sale!

You know that feeling you have right after moving? The “I don’t need all this stuff, I should get rid of it” feeling? I’ve finally decided to sell off my entire cd collection, a bunch of guitars, maybe some keyboards, comics and other stuff. If you wanna buy it, I’ll be at the corner of 21st and Valencia (in SF) on Saturday August 25th. CDs will be $3 each, or $10 for four. I’ll have about 400 cds or so.

I’m also going to be selling my own crafts: denim wallets, coffee cozies, mini comics, my Beeps and Smudges album, etc. All the shit that you used to be able on the web shop, but I got tired of shipping it. This could be your one chance this year to get one of my wallets or cds.

wallets with denim and neckties







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  1. chris joseph Avatar

    Those wallets look really nice!

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