Journey Into Analog: The Couple’s Roll

Sutro Vest

Using a shared roll of Tri-X film and my Ricoh TF-500 camera, Christine and I set out to create an entire batch of double exposed photos. Christine stated it off, taking about a month to capture her 36 shots, then I took all of my shots over the course of a weekend. We didn’t have any specific themes or rules, but luckily the shots line up pretty swell. The TF-500 is perfect for double exposures since it leaves just a tip of the film hanging out of the canister after winding up the film.

The final step of the Couple’s Roll process was developing the film together, but unfortunately we had some issue there. We are thinking some of the developer at Noisebridge‘s shared dark room may not have been mixed properly because there seems to be more blotches and graininess in all of these photos (and my other roll) than I’ve ever seen before.

Folk music album cover

One Oh One

A serious man

I Like You Too

If you are interested in doing a double exposure roll with a buddy, check out Photojojo’s tutorial. Please share ’em in the comments if anything comes out!







3 responses to “Journey Into Analog: The Couple’s Roll

  1. Christine Clarke Avatar

    This was so much fun, I will post my edits soon, too!

  2. Justin Watt Avatar
    Justin Watt

    “The Couple’s Role.” I love that. Stumbled upon something similar today: It’s neat in trying to add some order to the chaos of double exposures.

  3. DocPop Avatar

    That’s a great series. Thanks for the link!

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