Making a planter from shit we found on the ground

Tuesday was awesome. It went like this (be sure to watch the Lightt embed too):

1. Christine got a flat tire, so we took her car to the shop.
2. Went to a fancy flower shop nearby and saw an amazing planter remade from old wooden chairs and filled with succulents.
3. Said “This is awesome, I wish we had time to do something like this.” and left.
4. Found a bunch of discarded bathroom sink, cabinets, and mirror in front of Noisebridge.
5. Picked up a piece of shelving and said “This would make a great planter.”
6. Brought it up to Noisebridge and threw it on the tablesaw. Added a few other found pieces of wood (that we painted) and some door hinges. Had no idea what we were doing, but managed to make a box like thing with holes for water.
7. Hung it up in our kitchen with soil and some seedlings we had purchased months ago from A Temporary Offering (for just $4 each!).
8. Made some french toast.
9. Went climbing.
10. Smiled a lot.





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