The nofappers of Lift

I joined Lift, the goal tracking app for iPhone, a few weeks back to help me keep track of some of my daily exercise routines. What really makes Lift appealing though is it’s flexibility for keeping track of just about any habbit. When searching through Lift, you always get shown the big groups like “pushups” and “drink more water” first, then as you start doing your search you’ll find more obscure groups like “Send more Postagrams” or “blog more”.

nofap on Lift

Somewhere between “sleep by midnight” and “send beta feedback” sits the nofap group. Nofappers are folks who are attempting to cut out masturbation (or internet porn addiction) out of their lives. Mostly joined together as one of many subreddit genres, the nofap movement is definitely gaining traction on other sites (like youtube, G+, and even Instagram)… But it’s fun to see the group embrace the Lift app. To get a closer look, I joined nofap last week, and have already been surprised by what an active community they are. Giving props and encouragement to each other along with little notes like “Day 10 and I’m feeling superhuman”.

The folks at Lift must have taken notice too. On Tuesday, Tony Stubblebine, Lift’s CEO, sent an email out directly to all members of the nofap Lift group offering them some stats and encouragement. He also offered this warning “We don’t have a long enough to track record to say for certain, but it looks like Saturday [10/13/2012] is your danger day. Plan to double down on willpower that day.”. You can read the full letter here. Rather than pretending the group doesn’t exist, I love how Lift decided to reach out the community with a playful email and some words of support. Good move.

Speaking of Lift… now that I’ve made it all the way through this blog post I can check another habbit off of today’s list…

“blog more”.







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