An animated gif created with Decim8 & Giffer. The main image is of a leaf on the wet asphalt, but each frame of animation shows the image getting more and more glitched.

Falling in love with Decim8 all over again

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I first started using Decim8 during my year long Daily App Experiment and immediately started writing fan mail and feature requests to the app’s designer. This glitching app is my favorite for “destroying” images and honestly made me feel nostalgic for the early days of shooting on my iPhone (when broken images were an everyday occurrence). Having a correspondence with the dev has been awesome, and some of my requested filters have even made it into the app!

Kompliance and the cleverly named Dr. Ocular are two of the newer filters that I’ve had a hand in. Komplaince takes your image and breaks it up into grids (or sometimes just rows), then flips each individual square… leaving something that looks like pixelized version of your photo that still has textures. Dr. Ocular came about when I had started messing around with add-on lenses for my iPhone. I loved the chromatic distortion that occurred on the edges of some of my images and wanted a filter inspired by that. Though these requests were mine, of course Movax is the guy who really made it a reality

Decim8’s community has really grown on Instagram, where a weekly #decim8nday challenge comes along every monday. This week’s challenge features one of my own photos, which is a cool honor. It’ll be fun to see what sort of creative shit people end up doing to my “November Rain” image. For the gif at top, I used the Komplaince and Dr. Ocular effects, I created a stack of Decim8’ed images and animated them using Giffer.


Here is the original image, if you want to take a stab at decim8ing it:

November Rain



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  1. ale di gangi Avatar

    utterly lurvely!!

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