Journey Into Analog: Homemade Redscale


Fun fact, if you unroll a roll of film (in the DARK!), then wind back in backwards, you get crazy redish effects. Basically, film is meant to be shot in one direction, so if you roll it backwards, it hits the red sensitive layers first. I’ve messed with Redscale film before, but it never really struck me how the process worked until I was buying some 800 speed film and Dave at Photoworks said “Hey, you want me to wind this backwards and make it Redscale? It’ll just take a second.”

These are the results. Even though these shots are almost monochrome, you’d be surprised at the colors that start to come out if you leave the exposure open extra long. Could you believe this and this were taken on the same roll of Redscale film? Crazy, right?








3 responses to “Journey Into Analog: Homemade Redscale

  1. Jeremy Brooks Avatar

    Gorgeous images. I continue to be fascinated with the first image. The timeless, solitary feel really makes it something special.

  2. Peter Prato Avatar
    Peter Prato

    I had no idea. Going to see Dave when I get back from Open Show DC launch. Thanks for posting!

  3. DocPop Avatar

    Yeah, Dave mentioned he might start storing pre-wound rolls in the fridge.

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