An album cover for Voices Of San Francisco. The cover shows a black and white photo of the Golden Gate Bridge with a large boat in the water beneath it.

A Scrapbook for the ear: “Voices of San Francisco”

Here is a found 7″ record of atmospheric sounds and narration from San Francisco, probably from the late 50’s. It was written and produced by Richard Emerson and narrated by Dave McElhatton, a local radio personality known for his own show on KCBS. Jem and Jetsam still has about 5 new-old-stock copies on hand.

Side one opens with the famous (though recently replaced) Pt. Bonita Fog horn… carousel organ at Playland-at-the-beach… fog horn on Golden Gate Bridge… church bells of SS. Peter and Paul… “bird-cage” traffic signal (also recently replaced)… traffic medley… ride on the Powell Street cable car… Chinatown: opera at Great Star Theater… St. Mary’s Chinese Girls’ Marching Band.

Side two opens with some echoes of the old International Settlement… Bocce Ball in north Beach… feeding the ducks at Palace of Fine Arts… Ferry Building siren… Golden Gate Bridge cables in the wind… fishermen on short-wave radio… big ships’ whistles… medley of fog horns.

San Francisco Voices






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