Journey into Analog: Half frame hall of fame


The LC-A‘s bigger cousin, the LC-Wide, has some great features. I recently posted some black and white shots from mine, but I wanted to mess around with the LCW’s “half frame” mode. By setting your camera to half frame, it only advances half as much as normal mode for each shot, there’s also a half-frame setting for the lens, so it only lets in half as much of the image…

For these shots I wanted to see what the shots would look like if I only advanced each shot by half, but took full shots… basically resulting in 50% overlay for each shot. These are the results. Click through on each image for larger versions on Flickr.

In and out

A temporary offering



Indie Mart






2 responses to “Journey into Analog: Half frame hall of fame

  1. Justin Watt Avatar
    Justin Watt

    Wow, this is rad, in a sort of inscrutable, surrealist way. Instead of creating a panorama in space, this seems to create a panorama across time.

  2. doc Avatar

    Thanks dude! Some of these shots were even wider and weirder than what I posted. Had to crop them so they looked better on the blog.

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