“Space” a 24 hour comic made with BIC pens, finally available for you!

Starting page 8. #24hcbd

I’ve been so great-full for the crew at Emanata for making a platform for me to easily release my comics on. My newest release, “Space“, is a 24 hour comic I made at Mission Comics in 2010. I fully intended on printing the comic, but it required color printing… and that’s a pain… and… oh, a shiny.

Most comics have a bit of the artist’s subconscious in them, 24hr comics maybe more so than others, so I guess that it’s no surprise that the diet I had recently started had worked it’s way into this comic. I hadn’t planned out any of the story for this book, but I knew I wanted to make it entirely with BIC pens, sort of like I did with this Hard Drivin’ comic, but they turned out harder to get my hands on that I had expected. Click here to read “Space” on the web, or your iOS device. If you haven’t downloaded Emanata yet, be sure to do so and feel free to “follow” my artist profile on there.

Advanced BIC inking technique number 226:

indigo hands





3 responses to ““Space” a 24 hour comic made with BIC pens, finally available for you!

  1. Christine Clarke Avatar

    This may well be my favourite of your comics.

  2. DocPop Avatar

    Whoa… seriously? That’s awesome to hear. It’s not one of my favorites, but I’m really glad I did it. Stoked to hear someone out there likes it!

  3. Christine Clarke Avatar

    Yep, seriously! I think this one is #1. “Hair Model” is probably #2, and that one is really good, but I think this one is more fun for some reason. Maybe because it is more fantastical? I ono.

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