American Analog: my new Kickstarter zine project

I’ve just launched my very first Kickstarter project, a fundraiser for the first two issues of a new black and white photo zine called American Analog. Readers of this blog already know of my interest in my interest of film, but may not know about my old obsession with zines and self publishing.

As a kid in a small southern town, pre-internet, zines were my favorite way to learn about what other folks were making. It started mostly with music zines, but I soon fell in love with the personal style and personal expression that was coming out of zines like Roller Derby and Cool Beans.

When I first started shooting on 35mm, a lot of that interest came rushing back. Holding a freshly developed roll of Tri-X reminded of the feeling of getting a new zine in the mail from the Hamburger Eyes crew. I decided almost a year ago that my goal would be to put out my own photo zine… so here it is.

I’m hoping to do more with this project, but for now I’m just focusing on those first two issues and the release party at Lomography SF in late March.







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